The Beginning ....

I have enjoyed the companionship of a four legged friend for over 27 years.
Huskies being the preferred breed. It all started with my Lady. A beautiful
black and white Siberian husky that was the best friend a
girl could ever have growing up. Her gentle personality and demeanor captured
the heart of everyone that met her. It was then that I new that I would be a
husky parent for the rest of my life. Over the years I have always owned
huskies. Maybe it's that Husky smile. It'll get you every time. My family has
owned and raised Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes for over 32 years.

After my husband and I got married we started to consider getting a dog for
our kids to grow up with and there was never any question that it was going
to be a husky. When my husband returned from a tour in Iraq we set out to
find the perfect one. Just by chance we came upon Scout, a 12 week old husky
pup in a store window in Florida. He picked us and down this journey we
started. Shortly after, we started to look for a friend for him and I fell in love
with a red and white boy in Georgia. We came home with 2 ! Ranger and
Trigger , also known as the twins, quickly became perfect additions to our
family. All are great with our kids and just want to please everyone.

Since then we moved our family to North Carolina in 2010 and expanded our
four legged family with several more beloved huskies from South Carolina and
North Carolina.   

Our love for the Husky breed has helped us realize our dream and has led us
to want to share them with everyone. We want others to be able to
experience the great companionship and loyalty that the Siberian Husky breed
can provide so we have litters once in a while.

Just know, they are high energy dogs, they love to run and dig, and they can
usually find any mole that you may have in your yard!! But they will love you
till their last breathe.

All of our huskies have free roam of our house and property. There are no
chains, cages or small kennels here. There is an abundance of room for them
to run and play. All of our dogs and puppies are raised and socialized with
small children and other dogs. When we decide to have a litter we breed for
temperament and personality above all else, however, our huskies produce
beautiful puppies to go with their great temperaments and personalities.   

Check out our new arrivals page for available pups.     
About Us
Scout - Our only Peibold. He loves playing
in the hay !
Trigger and Ranger - The twins that love to
get into mischief and will find every mole in
the yard and always smiling.
About Us