Please contact us via e-mail or telephone if interested in learning more about our
puppies.  Our dogs and puppies are either AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC
(Continental Kennel Club) registered.  A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to
hold a puppy until he/she is ready to go to his/her new home.  Following is a copy of
our sales contract.

         Sales Agreement and Guarantee

Kristyna Phillips agrees to sell the following breed: SIBERIAN HUSKY

Dam:                                      Sire:         

Sex:                AKC or CKC Number:                      Date of Birth:  

All our puppies are guaranteed healthy to the best of our knowledge when they leave
our possession. This puppy has been de-wormed and given age appropriate
vaccinations. A record of these procedures as well as other info is being sent home
with the buyer. The continuation of these procedures is the buyer’s responsibility.
This canine comes with a 1 YEAR genetic guarantee and needs to be taken to a
veterinarian of your choice for an exam within 3 days of purchase date. (All charges
incurred from the vet are the buyer’s responsibility). This warranty does not cover
any type of contagious diseases/bacteria/viruses/parasites/protozoan, or fungus.
The size, coat texture/length, eye color and/or mature coloration can change
throughout puppyhood, we cannot guarantee the physical features present today, will
be present as the canine matures. The adult size cannot be predetermined only
estimated. This is a genetic health guarantee and not a guarantee on breeding or

This genetic health guarantee is between the buyer and the seller listed on this
contract and is not transferable to a 3rd party or new owner beyond this contract. In
the event that the vet’s examination should find any genetic defect that makes this
puppy UNFIT AS A PET, the puppy will be replaced by the next available puppy (CKC
for CKC or AKC for AKC or CKC), provided that documented PROOF from the vet is
given to the seller, along with the live puppy. Returning the puppy would be at the
new pet owners’ expense. No refund will be given. Any disputes should be brought up
in Franklin County, North Carolina.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you continue with the series of puppy shots, as it takes
the entire series of vaccinations to build up the puppy’s immunity to disease. This
contract does not cover any type of contagious diseases, bacteria, viruses, parasites,
protozoan, or fungus. If you choose NOT to take your puppy to the vet, the health
warranty is void.

If, for some reason, you are unable to care for this pet, please contact the breeder.
HUSKY RANCH. If puppy is unable to be returned to me, I will try and help in any way
to place he/she in a new home. It is NOT to be sold or given to another party or be
sent to a humane society without contacting the breeder first for approval. Puppy is
not to be tied out on a chain. If breeder finds out this has happened, then breeder has
the right to request return of the puppy and no refund will be given. UNDER NO

If Full Registration is not purchased (SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT: Buyer agrees to have
puppy, known to Breeder as
                      and purchased from Southern Husky Ranch,
spayed/neutered by the time that the puppy turns 9 months old. Puppy is not to be
bred. Puppy comes with limited AKC registration (NO BREEDING RIGHTS).)

The purchase of one of our puppies and/or the signing of this contract signifies that
the terms set forth in this contract are agreed upon by both parties. THIS IS A LEGAL
AND BINDING CONTRACT. Limited or Full AKC Registration papers are being given to
the buyer at time the puppy is picked up from seller. (If CKC Reg., if purchasing
Limited Registration then papers will be provided once proof of spay/neutering is

Selling price is $_
                   __. If shipping, this is the responsibility of the buyer.