Puppies in
New Homes
Though we always miss our little ones when they leave for their new homes, we
know that we do our best to make sure that they are placed in loving, happy homes
where they will be loved, and spoiled by their humans.  
We just love when we get updates on our fury babies!
Willow - NC
Foxy - NC
Lola - NC
Bella - SC
Pugsley - NC
Pumpkin - FL
Spooky - NC
Leia (Morticia) - NC
Candy - TN
Xavi (Casper) - NC
Miika (Salem) - NC
Midnight - NC
Bullet (Gomez) - VA
Fester - NC
Naava (Wednesday) - NC
Jasper (Chinook) - NC
Valkerie (Cheyenne) - TN
Blaze (Cherokee) - OK
Hope - NC
Luca (Shep) - NC
Faith - NC
Altair (Gabriel) - VA
Teddy (Jingle) - NC
Polar - NC
Thor (Kris) - NC
Noel (Noah) - FL
Nicholas  & Oliver - NC
Starshine (Eve) - WV
Shelby (Holly) - VA
Lady Daphne - NC
Ghost - MI